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Strait of Gibraltar

Strategic Passing Located in the mayor trunk line North-South-East-West

Absolut Zero Deviation for distribution and transshipment.


Distribution Hub for Southern Europe, Mediterranean and North Africa

Natural Bay between Europe and Africa. Only 14 km from African coastline

Algeciras Coordinates: 36°07’59.7″N 5°27’01.8″O
Port of Algeciras Coordinates: 36°7’48.54″N 5°26’29.36″O

Strategic Location

Algeciras is located at the southernmost point of Spain, in Andalucía region. The Strait of Gibraltar and Algeciras Bay provides a natural gateway for Southern Europe and North & West Africa.

Port of Algeciras, located in the Strait, offers worldwide sea connectivity, with top transit times within Spain to the main Ports of the 5 continents. Thanks to its location, through Algeciras you can access to a market of over 300 Million population of the surrounding countries.

Advanced Port Infrastructures

Port of Algeciras counts with the first semi-automated container terminal of the Mediterranean. Its natural draft allows our Port to receive calls from the new generation of 24k TEUS mega-vessels.

With 5,5 M TEUS capacity, and worldwide connectivity, Algeciras Ports is the Hub and Gateway Port for Southern Europe, serving as Mediterranean Headquarters for top companies.

Leading Sectors

Andalucia ranks as the 2nd Spanish region in exports, leading the country in fisheries and agricultural exported goods.

Our region counts with the 2nd largest petrochemical complex of Spain, located only 10 km from our Port.

APM Terminals Algeciras

Opening Year: 1986
Draft: 17 meters
Quay: 2.000 meters
STS Cranes: 19
Reefer Plugs: 4.000
TEU/Annum: 4,3 M
TEU Capacity: 5,5 M

Total Terminal International Algeciras

Opening Year: 2008
Draft: 18,5 meters
Quay: 1.700 meters
STS Cranes: 8
Reefer Plugs: 960
TEU/Annum: 1,8 M
TEU Capacity: 2 M
Semi-Automated Intermodal Terminal

Trend in the container sector – Mega-vessels

HMM Algeciras
New Ambassador

Superior logistics & technology infrastructures

As the transportation and logistics industry continues to undergo a revolution in technology, different segments of the supply chain must adapt to meet the needs of their fellow stakeholders. Modern logistics technology centres on digitization and connectivity.

Algeciras Logistics Area combine geostrategic location with direct worldwide connectivity, space availability and direct connection with Trans-European Railway Network (TEN-T)

Main carriers calling algeciras

North & South America

North & West Africa