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Cadiz Free Zone Consortium

Custom advantages:

  • Not EU goods stored are not subject of import duties meanwhile they are not custom cleared.
  • Goods are not subject of commercial restrictions
  • Not time limited for warehousing restrictions is applied.
  • Goods can be manipulated under customs supervision
  • Customs clearance can be partially released.
  • Guarantees on behalf custom authorities are unnecessary.
  • Anticipated payments for restitutions related to EU agriculture goods for export destination can be issued.

Taxes advantages

  • Import duties and VAT are not necessary to be paid until custom clearance of goods.
  • Import VAT exemption when goods resending to another EU state.
  • Possibility for custom clearance for free circulation and related to under warehousing arrangements other than customs warehousing, this allows VAT exemption even for recursive sales.
  • At the release, after warehousing arrangements, duties will be paid by the last operator with a neutral effect about the VAT.
  • Delay of the VAT payment according to the activity periods.
  • Warehousing arrangements with VAT exemption for EU goods.
  • Warehousing for 6 months with duty suspension arrangement for goods subject to special taxes.

In addition to this Customs and Fiscal advantages, business establishment in Algeciras Free Trade Zone has other benefits such as:

  • Reduced lease rates for import-export companies.

  • 24 hours surveillance and access controlled by Spanish Civil Guard.

  • Business center with offices and rooms equipped for meetings or any other.

Intermodal Area

Guadarranque Logistic Zone

Main Features

Fully-functional areas.
Business Services Area.
Logistics Services Area for Goods and Merchandise.
Availability of Basic Supplies (water, gas & electricity grid).

Intermodal Area

This Area counts with its own Railway Station, with direct connection to the Trans-European Transport Network

Direct Connection with Atlantic and Mediterranean European Railway Corridors (TEN-T)

Total Surface 5 M sqm 8,5 M sqm 23,7 M sqm 1,7 M sqm
Available Surface 24,90% 3%
Future Developments 239.000 sqm
Free Zone Advantages
Distance to Port 8 Km 60 km 11 km 7,6 km
Road Access
Intermodal Area
ATL Corridor Port – Railway Connectivity
MED Corridor Port – Railway Connectivity
General Supplies
Cargo Parking Availability
Suitable for Construction
Regional Incentives
National Incentives
European Incentives

Key sectors from our traffics

Food & Beverage

Andalucía ranks first in Spanish food and beverages exports, and Port of Algeciras stands as its natural gateway.

Port of Algeciras is the European gateway for North & West African food exports.

2018 2019 %
414.483,45 551.975,90 33,17
2018 2019 %
1.044.061,43 1.167.310,21 11,80

*Los alimentos y bebidas exportados e importados a través de Algeciras, en toneladas. Fuente: Datacomex